Why create a challenge class?

Have your students met their daily goal, or are they completing their work more quickly than their peers? Create a challenge class to provide enrichment for those high flyers!

How to create a challenge class

  1. Create a new class for your exceptional students.

  2. Uncheck the boxes for the Mixed Review Starter Bundle.

  3. Add students manually by searching for existing students.

  4. Add application skills, end of year assessment style skills, or higher level skills.

Ways to use a challenge class

Option 1: Students access the challenge class only after completing their daily goal in the main class. For every 5, 10, or 15 points earned (teachers can choose any increment), the student earns a bonus point on an exam.

Option 2: After students complete their daily goal, they can switch to the challenge class. In the challenge class, every point earned is worth double points for the daily grade.

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