Throughout the school year, teachers prune skills from Mixed Review. Pruning can be employed for state assessment preparation as well.

Preparing Mixed Review for state assessment:

Take a look at Mixed Review.

Consider deactivating the skills that do not resemble state assessment problems.

If additional skills need to be added to Mixed Review:

From WORK, create a small assignment with a few skills that are similar to state assessment.

Complete guided practice with students.

Assign the assignment to the class.

From CLASSES, choose Assignments and make the assignment unavailable. The skills remain in Mixed Review.

Continue this process over several days or weeks to add other skills to Mixed Review.

Monitor class and student proficiency from Mixed Review.

Monitor class and student proficiency for each skill

If needed, use the full screen button to provide remediation for students that are not demonstrating proficiency.

Mixed Review Proficiency for a skill

Full screen button display

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