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Trello Integration

How to set up and use the Acute integration for Trello

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With the Acute Integration for Trello you can push and link Acute feedback to Trello cards. This way you can sync your feedback roadmap with your project management.

How to set it up

To get started, go to your Settings page and connect Acute to your Trello account.

After the Acute Power-up has been added, click on the Link your Acute Account button to install the Power-up and link your Acute account to Trello.

Next, choose which Trello board and list to link to Acute.

How it works

After the Acute Power-Up has been successfully installed and configured, from the feedback page you will be able to push any feedback to Trello. The link to the Trello card will be present in the Details section at the Trello card field.

After you click the Create card button a Trello card will be created and synced with that feedback. The link to the Acute post will be present in the attachment section of the card.ย 

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