Clayton code reviews are working based on rules that can be installed and activated individually. Admin users can install and configure rules to make them available to each project.

  1. Go to your Clayton homepage
  2. Click on the account name on top
  3. Click on Install rules ...
  4. If you want to add more rules click on Get more rules button
  5. Navigate through the rules and click on Install to the ones you want to add 

Each rule can be customized in different ways based on the specific rule logic.

The severity of every rule can be configured in order to match different quality standards and the rules can be inherited by default to all the projects.

Locking a rule

Admin users have the possibility to lock a rule and by doing this all the projects will inherit the rule without the possibility to override or change that rule.


The number of rules that can be installed may be subject to limits depending on your subscription plan. Contact us for info.

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