Clayton is connected to your projects using a specific user called connection user.
It's possible to set up a different connection user for your project from the settings page:

  1. Go to your Clayton homepage
  2. Click on your project
  3. Click on the project name on the top bar
  4. Click on Project Settings

Create a Clayton connection user

If you want to create a dedicated user to be used as a connection user for your project you can follow the next steps:

  1. Create a new user with a new email address (e.g. "")
  2. Add this new user to the Organisation/Team in your Git provider (alternatively as an external contributor with Read/Write access to your repos)
  3. Log-in in your Git provider with your new user
  4. Log-in in Clayton selecting the proper Git provider (this step is required to retrieve a valid access token)
  5. Join your projects
  6. Log-out from Clayton
  7. Log-out from your Git provider
  8. Log-in in Clayton with your business user and change the connection user of your projects selecting the new user created


  • You must log-in in Clayton with the new user using the proper Git provider to generate the required access token
  • The connection user must have read/write access to your repos to create the needed Webhook and be able to publish inline comments for any problem detected

Enforce your coding standards with Clayton Quality Gate

Do you want to create a quality gate for your projects with Clayton?
Have a look at our dedicated Help Section to learn how to make sure that newly committed code doesn't introduce problems.

Help needed?

Please contact support if you need any further help.

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