Frequently Asked Questions about single sign-on

What is SSO?

SSO (Single sign-on) is a sign-in method that allows a user to log into one application and access all of their accounts from one place.

How do I set up SSO?

Learn how to set up SSO for your team here. If you have questions about if your team package has SSO access, reach out to your team's Account Executive or

What Identity Providers does Guru integrate with?

Guru can integrate with any Identity Provider that supports SAML 2.0. In the past, we have worked with:

How do users log into Guru after SSO is enabled?

Once you've turned on SSO for your team, Guru users can only log in through the Identity Provider. Admins can always log in to Guru via username and password as a failsafe.

How do I add users outside of my organization to Guru after SSO is enabled?

After SSO is enabled, all non-Admin users are required to log in through the Identity Provider. Outside or guest users would first need to be added to the Identity Provider in order to access your Guru Team. If guest users cannot be added to the Identity Provider, add them to the Guru Team as Admin. Admins can always log in to Guru natively with their username and password.

✍️ Note

If your team has single sign-on (SSO) and SCIM enabled Admins can no longer invite users via the web app. You must invite new users via your IDP provider.

What happens to users who are logged into Guru before SSO is enabled?

If a user is logged in to Guru before SSO is enabled, they will not be automatically logged out, but will have to login through the Identity Provider upon their next login.

If a user's session times out, Guru will direct the user back to the Identity Provider to re-authenticate. If the user logs out of Guru, the user will have to log into Guru via the Identity Provider.

What is the difference between SSO and Domain Discovery?

  • Domain Discovery is a setting in Guru that allows anyone with a specific email domain name to automatically join your Guru team.

  • SSO enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by logging in only once with one set of credentials (username and password) through a third party Identity Provider (such as Okta, OneLogin, etc.).

Does Guru support SCIM?

Yes! Guru supports SCIM provisioning in addition to SSO. Reach out to your Account Executive or with more questions.

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