Enabling Domain Discovery

  1. Navigate to the Team Settings page.

  2. Click Domain Discovery from the left-hand column.

  3. Under Visibility, change the setting from Off to On.

  4. Add a default Group for the new users in addition to the All Members Group. The Group you select will determine the Role the users have and the content they can access.

Enabling Domain Discovery


Since any user with your domain can join your Guru team when Domain Discovery is on, please note that this feature will impact your billing.

Enabling Domain Discovery for more than one domain

  • The URL Guru recognizes is determined by the Admin turning on this feature.

If your company uses more than one email alias, you'll need to have Admins from each email domain enable this feature on their end. This way, Guru will recognize multiple email domains for your team and allow users to join through Domain Discovery.

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