Verifying synced Collections
Learn how to verify synced Collections in Guru
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You can assign a Verifier to Cards in synced Collections to bring the power of verification to knowledge pulled from an external source. You can complete this when setting up a new Knowledge Sync or with existing synced Collections.


You must be an Admin to set up verification in a synced Collection.

Assigning a Verifier in a new synced Collection

When setting up a new Knowledge Sync, you can assign a Verifier to your new Collection. Follow these instructions to create a new synced Collection. Guru will show you the option to enable verification for the synced Collection in the setup modal.

Turning on verification for a Synced Guru Collection

By Default:

  • New synced Collections will have Verification defaulted to OFF, so you'll need to toggle it ON to enable this feature.

  • The Verifier will default to the Collection Owner Group you've selected. You can override this choice on an individual Card or in bulk by using Card Manager. ALL Groups in your Guru team, no matter their permissions, will populate in this dropdown.

  • The Verification Interval defaults to 3 months, but you can adjust this when setting up your Collection or on the individual Card to your desired interval or a specific date.

✍️ Note

In order to enable Verification for a Synced Collection, you'll need to assign a Collection Owner Group to the Collection. Learn more about the Collection Owner role and how to give a Group permission to a Collection.

Assigning a Verifier in an existing Synced Collection

To set up verification for an existing Synced Collection, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Collections page in Team Settings.

  2. Scroll to the Synced Collection where you'd like to set up verification. Select the Settings wheel icon in the upper-right-hand corner and select Collection Settings.

  3. Here, you'll see the option to Enable Verification for this Synced Collection. Toggle this option ON.

  4. Select your desired Default Verifier and verification interval for this Collection. You can override these settings on an individual Card or in bulk by using the Card Manager. The Verifying Group will automatically be added to this Collection with Author permissions.

  5. Select Save. Now, you'll be able to verify Cards within your Synced Collection!

When do Cards become unverified in synced Collections?

  1. A teammate requests verification of the synced Card.

  2. The source of the content is updated and the corresponding synced Card(s) in Guru are (1) verified and (2) assigned a Verifier who is not in the Default Verifier Group selected within the Collection Settings. When the next sync completes (which occurs approximately every 6 hours), the update will cause the Card to become unverified.

✍️ Note

If the source of the sync releases an imperceptible change, such as an update in page styling, there may not be a perceptible difference in Guru Card content.

💡 Tip

If you do not want synced Guru Cards to become unverified when updates are made at the source, ensure the synced Collection's Default Verifier Group contains the same user as the Card's current Verifier.

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