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Merge tags to simplify your team's search experience
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With tags and Categories now spanning across all your team's Collections, we've introduced a way to merge tags of similar name or meaning. Read below to find out how to unify your tags and simplify your team's search experience!


If you are an Admin, you can merge any tags. If you are not an Admin, you can merge tags that are in Collections that you have Author access to.

Viewing the Tag Manager

1. Select Team Settings under your avatar in the top right corner.

2. Select the Tag Management tab in the left sidebar

3. When Tag Manager is open, you'll see that the screen is bisected; Categories and their associated tags are listed on the left, and uncategorized tags on the right side

4. In the Tag Manager, you can easily visualize how many tags your team has created and identify tags with common names.

Merging Duplicate Tags

1. Click on a tag that's followed by a Collection name in brackets.

2. When clicked, that tag will turn green and a Tag Settings window will open on the right side of your Tag Manager screen

3. If you'd like to assign this tag to a Category, you can do so with the drop-down menu in the "Assign to Category" box.

4. Delete a tag it by clicking the pink Delete Tag button on the bottom-left corner of this bar.

5. Click the blue Merge with Other Tags button on the bottom-right corner of the bar to merge a tag with other tags.

6. Click and drag the tag you wish to merge with the selected one. Drop it into the box that says Drag To Merge a Tag. If you'd like to merge more than one tag with the selected one, repeat this action.

7. Click the blue Merge Tags button. A modal will appear that describes how many Cards with which the tags you dragged in were associated. These Cards will still be accessible by the same tag. Click Merge Tags to confirm the action.

Changing the name of the Primary Tag

1. When you click on a tag, you can click into the Tag Name box on the Tag Settings window on the right side of your screen and make your changes. Press Save Changes to save your edits.

2. Now that you've merged those duplicate tags, attempting to perform a search with the tag name will return just one option (and will pull Cards from all Collections that have that tag).

3. This experience will render a more simplistic, streamlined search experience, as users can will see all relevant Cards from a tag search.

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