Boards allow you to visually organize your content by topic. Board Groups offer another optional level of hierarchy by topic.


You must be an Author or a Collection Owner to create a Board or Board Group.

Create a Board or Board Group in Guru's web app

1. From the Home dashboard, select All Collections in the left-hand navigation. Then, select the Collection in which you'd like to create a Board.

2. Click the "" icon to the right of the Collection's name at the top of the left pane and select the Add Board or Add Board Group button to get started.

3. Enter the Board or Board Group's name and hit Return or Enter on your keyboard to save. The Board's title should communicate to your team the content they can find within it.

4. Your Board or Board Group will now appear in the Collection column. Drag-and-drop the Board or Board Group up or down to reposition it within the list of Cards, Board Groups, and Boards.

If you created a Board or Board Group, click the ellipsis "⋮" to the right of its name to expand a menu with options to edit further:

You can now add Cards to the Board.

Create a Board in Slack

1. In your DM with the Guru Slackbot, type help.

2. Under the header Content Creation, click Create new Board.

3. In the Create Board pop-up:

  • Select the Collection in which you'd like to create the new Board.

  • Enter what you'd like the Board to be named in the Name field.

  • Click Save.

4. The Guru Slackbot will message confirming the creation of the Board in the specified Collection with a link to open the Board in Guru's web app.

Create sections in Guru's web app

Sections allow you to visually divide Cards within a Board.

1. Click the Board's icon to Add Section Inside the Board:

2. Enter the name of the section and hit Return or Enter on your keyboard to save.

3. Add existing Cards to the section by dragging Cards from the Board into the section. Or, click the section's "➕" icon to create a Card from scratch or from a Card template.

4. The section's ellipses "" icon provides further options to Edit name or Delete Section.

✍️ Note

Deleting a section will not delete its Cards. The Cards will remain on the Board.

Share direct links to Boards, Board Groups, and sections

You can easily share Boards, Board Groups, and sections with other Guru teammates by clicking on the link icon "🔗" found to the right of the Board, Board Group, or section's name while hovering over it with your cursor.

Clicking the link icon automatically copies the direct link to the Board, Board Group, or section to your keyboard.

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