A Guru Knowledge Sync will populate sourced content into a Read Only Collection within Guru. Enable verification of your synced content to ensure that your team knows that this synced knowledge is verified by your subject matter experts in Guru.


Only users with Admin permissions can set up a Knowledge Sync.

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Use this table to find the instructions to set up content syncs with the following tools:

Content Source

Guru can sync internal content from the source

Guru can sync external content at the source


Zendesk: Knowledge Sync



Can sync external articles if the articles are private

Confluence: Knowledge Sync


Guru can only sync from Confluence Cloud.

Guru will sync over the entire Confluence Space.

Google Drive: Knowledge Sync


View permissions on files are still managed in Google once the Collection is synced.

Box: Knowledge Sync


View permissions on files are still managed in Box once the Collection is synced.

Salesforce Knowledge: Knowledge Sync


Any private, drafted or archived content will NOT be synced in Guru.

Dropbox: Knowledge Sync


You will need to be a Dropbox Admin to authorize Guru to complete a sync.

Frequently asked questions about syncs:

How does a Knowledge Sync work?

  • Guru syncs all public-facing content from the external source.

  • Any private content or drafted content will NOT be synced in Guru.

  • UPDATES - Guru only updates articles that have been modified, added, or removed between syncs.

  • DELETIONS - The sync process will automatically remove any content from Guru that is no longer in the external content source.

  • Synced Cards will include an external URL to the corresponding page of the source.

  • You can verify synced content by following these instructions.

  • You can tag synced content by following ​these instructions.

  • Synced Collections must have a Collection Owner Group.

How often does Knowledge Sync run?

  • Guru syncs with the external source about every four hours.

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If you're noticing that this is taking longer, please contact our Support Team at support@getguru.com. We can work with you to sort out the issue.

How are synced Cards different from other Guru Cards?

Cards that are within a synced collection will look like regular Guru cards and are accessible from the browser extension, web application, and Slack bot. However, there are some notable differences:

  • All content in synced Collections are Read Only.

  • Board Groups and Boards within a synced Collection cannot be edited within Guru.

  • Synced Cards can have a verified status if you choose to enable this feature. Read more about verifying Synced Content.

  • Synced Cards cannot be archived within Guru.

  • Synced Cards will not have any privacy or sharing features at the Card level. Permissions can be set at the Collection level.

  • Synced Cards cannot be made public via Public Cards.

Guru Knowledge Sync Example Card.

In this example Guru card, you will notice a few differences from a normal Card:

  • The orange πŸ”„ icon indicates this is a synced Card.

  • When this icon is green, this indicates this is a synced Card with verification enabled AND the Card is verified.

  • When this icon is red, this indicates this is a Synced Card with verification enabled AND the Card is not verified.

  • The side panel provides easy access to the URL of the corresponding external page, the Copy Card button, the Copy Card link button, comments, and Card usage analytics.

How do tags work on synced content?

  • Tags on synced content work just the same as on regular Cards! Just make sure the synced Collection has a Group assigned as the Collection Owner - this will assure any Groups that are Collection Owners or Authors will be able to add tags.

Can I enable Content Performance on a synced collection?

Yes. Content Performance can be enabled for a synced Collection. Learn more about Content Performance. You'd only want to enable Content Performance if you were externally sharing assets or links that live inside synced cards.

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Please reach out to support@getguru.com to enable Content Performance for your synced content.

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