Activity feeds in Slack display new Cards and Boards added to Guru in a channel of your choosing. Keeping track of new content in Slack encourages adoption, as it reassures your team that Guru is a resource that's constantly evolving to meet their needs.

To set up a General Feed:

1. In your DM with @guru type create general feed #channel and press enter.


#channel is the name of the channel you want this general feed being sent to.

2. You will be prompted to select the Collection(s) that you'd like to set up the activity feed for.


You can set up an activity feed for multiple Collections going to the same Slack channel.

Unfortunately, Guru Activity Feeds do not work for Synced Collections.

To set up a Board feed:

  1. In your DM with @guru type create board feed #channel is the URL of the Board that you would like to push updates to the feed.


You can create Activity Feeds for both public and private Slack channels. For private channels, you'll first need to invite the Guru app from the Details > Add App menu of that thread.

You may also notice that when creating a feed in a private channel, the channel title will not appear in the list results and be linked in blue after creating it like a public channel would. This is intended behavior in Slack but the activity feed will still be created when you type in the name of the private channel.

To manage feeds

  1. Type list feeds and press enter to list all feeds that are set up in your account.

  2. To remove a feed, click Remove next to the Activity Feed you'd like to remove.

🏡 Check this out in the Guru Community!

If you are interested in users subscribing to changes made to individual Cards, you can share your support for this feature enhancement with our Product team by upvoting the Guru Community post Subscribe to cards to get notifications for when card is updated.

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