The Guru Add-in for Microsoft Outlook brings your team's collective knowledge right to your Outlook inbox. Upon installing, users can access their knowledge via an embedded Guru UI in Outlook's desktop and browser apps. This add-in is ideal for teams who need the ability to quickly access & create knowledge within their existing inbox workflows.

💡 Tip

Want to make setup even easier? Your team's M365 Admin can enable the below settings to ensure easy access to Guru while in Outlook


Some on-premise and legacy versions of Outlook don't support add-ins, including Guru's. Learn if your version of Outlooks supports this through Microsoft's Help Center here.

Notable Functionality

  • Search & view cards

  • Easily copy & paste card content into the email body

  • See new cards & account activity feeds

  • Take action on Guru "Tasks" such as verification, questions, & comments

  • Browse & organize your Guru collections


Activating the Guru integration for Outlook Web App:

1. Upon installation, you will see the green Guru button in two potential locations, while composing emails, in Outlook depending on which edition of Outlook you are using...either directly in the email compose toolbar or within the expandable menu.

2. Click this Guru button to open up the Guru Add-in and login via your existing Guru credentials (or start a new account for free).

3. Once logged in you will have access to your Guru whenever you begin to compose or reply to an email.

Activating the Guru integration for Outlook Desktop App:

✍️ Note

If you've already installed the browser integration, the desktop integration should automatically show in the form of a Guru button.

  1. Open your desktop Outlook instance.

  2. Open an email you have received or start to compose a new email.

  3. Click the Guru button to open the integration on the right side of the desktop app.

  4. Click Sign In. This will open up a new browser page to sign into.

  5. Signing in will trigger a pop-up window. Sign-in again in the pop-up window, and copy the PIN that you are given.

6. Go back to the desktop application, type in the PIN number.

7. Voila! Feel free to resize your window on the desktop as you see fit.

Pin the Add-In

You can pin the add-in for easy access when viewing email (vs. only while composing emails).

1. Select Settings > View all Outlook settings > Mail > Customize actions.

2. Select the Guru check box for the add-in that you want to pin.

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