With Pins, Authors can make sure your team has relevant knowledge based on where they are in their workflow by surfacing a helpful Card on a commonly used website.
Several types of Cards are commonly pinned, including those containing:

  • Information related to logging into or using a certain web app.

  • Stats and specs on a competitor.

  • Details about a new product.

Pinning a Card to a website:

1. Navigate to the desired website or app. With Pins the Card will only be connected to that exact URL, so if the URL is dynamic and changes frequently, Knowledge Triggers may better suit your needs.

2. Open the Guru extension and find the Card you'd like to pin to the page.

3. Click the pin icon on the left side of the Card.

Pinning Guru Cards

4. When someone on your team visits that specific URL, the Guru icon will wave, indicating there's important knowledge associated with the page! By opening the Guru extension, the pinned Card(s) are automatically pushed to the user's attention for their consumption.

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