Content Performance allows you to create trackable links within Guru to send to your prospects. With it, you can easily understand which of your prospects are engaging with your sales asset links. The dashboard view even shows which sales asset links your teammates are sending, as well as the deal size and stage of the opportunity when the link was sent.

✍️ Note

This article outlines the steps to send a trackable link to one specific recipient. If you are looking to incorporate tracked links into a bulk email campaign, instructions on how to create a Dynamic Link can be found here.

Send a Tracked Link

1. Navigate to the Card that contains the link you would like to send.

2. Click the target symbol which appears both:
On the left toolbar:

AND on the hover state over the link:

3. You will be given two options:
Copy Individual Links - this will ONLY copy the trackable link to your clipboard, not the text.
Copy Entire Card - this will copy the trackable link along with the Card's content.


This option is useful if there is additional text or multiple links in the Card that you would like to include in your messaging.

4. Enter the email address of the user to which you're sending the content.

✍️ Note

If you're using the extension over Gmail while composing an email, the email field on the Card will auto-populate.

5. Click Generate Link and then Copy Link; this action associates the link with that user's email/Salesforce record and copies the trackable link and the content of the Card to your clipboard.

6. Paste the content into your email. You can edit the content/hyperlink, so long as the link itself stays the same.

7. Click Send on the email.

8. You'll get a direct message in Slack or an email (depending on your preferences) from Guru when they click on the link.


Ensure that you have Slack notifications in Guru turned on by typing enable notifications in your Guru DM with @guru.

Icons and Notifications Meaning:

High Performing - A Card that is high performing will be flagged by a green color on the content tracking icon. High performing Cards are Cards in the the top tier of tracked Cards with distinct sent links clicked in the past 30 days


New Asset - A Card will have a NEW indicator visible on the Content Tracking icon if it was created in the last 14 days and has been sent at least once.



If a Card was created and then 2 days later sent for the first time it would have the "new" indicator for 12 days.


Cards can be both high performing and new! If a Card is both new and high performing it will show both labels until it is no longer new or no longer high performing as defined above.

Utilize the Tracking Dashboard

The tracking dashboard provides insight into all of the links you and your teammates are sending, the stage at which the asset was sent, the deal size, and whether or not the prospect interacted with the link. You can utilize this information to improve your sales process by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to the web app and select Analytics from the top navigation bar.

2. Under the Content Performance Tracking tab you can see:
- The Guru user that sent the content
- The Card from which they copied the content
- The Salesforce information (Recipient Email, Account, Opportunity, Stage, and the Contact)
- Whether the link has been Sent, Clicked, or Viewed over Salesforce


Utilize this information to learn from your teammates and the content they're leveraging in their deals. It's particularly helpful to note the content they select dependent on the stage/size company.

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