Groups allow you to organize your team and give users different permission by Collection.


You must be an Admin on your team to create Groups.

✍️ Note

Guru's Starter plan has a default All Members Group, and new Groups cannot be created. Reach out using the widget in the screen's lower right-hand corner or email for information on changing your plan.

Creating a Group

  1. Navigate to the Users & Collections tab in Team Settings.

  2. Click the Groups tab and Create Group.

  3. Enter the Group Name.

  4. Click Save.

Adding users to Groups

  1. Click the name of the Group.

  2. Type the name(s) of the users you'd like to add to the Group, and press enter.

  3. Click Add to Group.

💡 Tip

When determining which Group a user should be in, it's important to consider the role and content access you want them to have. Roles are assigned by Group on the Collection level.

💡 Tip

The same user can be in multiple Groups.

Giving a Group access to a Collection:

  1. Click on the Collection tab in Team Settings.

  2. Click in the Search for Groups tab under a Collection and type in the Group name.

  3. Click Allow Access.

  4. Assign a role to the Group in that Collection.

Using Groups

  • Grant permission to each Group on a Collection by Collection basis. Groups can have Admin, Author, Collection Owner, or Read-Only permission.

  • @mentioning a Group in the comment of a Card sends a notification to that Group. This is a great way to ask a clarifying question about Card content or alert the team of new or changed knowledge.

  • An entire Group can be a verifier on a Card. This allows multiple users to share the responsibility of verification. It also allows someone in the Group to make edits without the Card needing to be verified again by an individual.

💡 Tip

Zapier's app for Guru or Workato's app for Guru can automate the process of creating and managing users and Groups.

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