Editing and Saving Guru Cards

1. To edit an existing Card, search for the Card in Guru and click the pencil icon on the left hand side of the Card to open up the Card editor. Learn more about formatting your Card's content here.

✍️ Note

You must be an Author or Collection Owner in the Collection that the Card lives in to edit the Card.

Edit Guru Card

2. When you are finished editing your Card, you have the option to either Publish the Card or Publish and Verify your Card.

  • After editing a verified Card, you can maintain the verification interval to its existing cycle by selecting Publish. You can reset the interval cycle by selecting Publish and Verify.

  • After editing an unverified Card, selecting Publish will make changes to the Card without verifying it so it remains unverified. If you select Publish and Verify, the Card's changes will be saved and the Card will be verified.

Frequently Asked Questions about Editing Cards

Help! I exited out of my unsaved Card...can I still recover it?

If you exit the Card creation process at any time before clicking Save, you can still access a recovered version from when it last autosaved. Learn more about recovering your work here.

Can I create Guru Cards in Slack?

Yes! After you have installed the Slack integration, learn how to create Cards in Slack here.

Can I edit Cards on the web app of my mobile device?

Currently, our editor has some sporadic difficulty with editing Guru Cards on a mobile device, specifically with the backspace function. This is on our radar for future improvements!

In the meantime, we recommend authoring all content on a computer instead of on a mobile device like an iPhone or Android.

How do I delete Cards in my Guru team?

You can either archive a Card so that you can restore it in the future or permanently delete it. Learn how to archive and delete Cards here.

Why do I not see the option to create or edit a Card?

If you don't see the option to create or edit a Card it means that you have Read Only access in that Collection. You can always comment on the Card or reach out to your team Admins if you think you need Author access.

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