The IT/Tech Ops team is the backbone every company needs to run successfully. They hold the keys to the information everyone requires to do their jobs - they share company policies and procedures, announce internal IT updates, and are the point of contact for any questions that come up from team members. They typically need to share information with the whole company which means that IT/Tech Ops teams are especially prone to shoulder taps. Having a central place where that knowledge is stored is imperative. However, with so much information to create, share, and maintain, it can be overwhelming to get started organizing their resources.

Luckily with Guru, your IT/Tech Ops team can search for exactly what they need in the moment wherever they're working, thanks to our Chrome extension and integrations with Slack, MS Teams, and more.

That said, it's still important to organize your operations knowledge in a logical, easy-to-navigate structure. Here's a walkthrough of our IT Operations framework to serve as a starting point!

๐Ÿ’ก Tip

You can easily add and customize the IT & Operations collection framework here (just select IT & Operations under Import a Pre-Populated Collection Framework). Donโ€™t be afraid to start small, with only one or two key pieces of the following information. Choose the topic your team is struggling with the most, and then expand from there.

First up, is the Welcome to IT & Operations Board! This Board can be used as a starting point for people looking to have their questions answered by your team. The Cards on this Board can break down who owns this Collection and what team members can expect to get out of it.

Next up is the Internal Tech Troubleshooting Board. This is a great resource for your team to collaborate on troubleshooting steps needed for specific tech issues. The comments section of a Card is a great place to have those conversations.

The Data & Insights Board can be used to store helpful information for team members navigating your company's data insights tool. This is a great place to point to self-service resources so that people across departments can make data-driven decisions without having to shoulder tap your team.

The Internal Application Documentation Board can house information about the different tools team members need to do their jobs. This serves as the source of truth for any questions that come up about long-standing policies for the team. The verification capability helps make sure these Cards stay up to date.

The last Board in this framework is the FAQ Board. This is a great place to house Cards that can walk team members through solving their own tech issues, before reaching out to your team. Encourage users to favorite the Cards they use most often, so it is an easy resource when they really need it.

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