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Workato's App for Guru is only available on our Builder, Expert, and Enterprise Editions

Finding the Workato app:

Install the Guru Community Connector into your Workato instance.

When you install the Guru community connector, a copy of it is cloned into your workspace. You may choose to extend the functionality of our connector or use it as-is, depending on your requirements or additional Guru API endpoints you would like to leverage.

After testing the functionality, you may release this connector for use in recipes via the Release latest version button. Once you release this version, anyone in your workspace can begin to use this community connector in their recipes.

✍️ Note

Only Admins and roles with developer permissions can install the Guru Connector from the community. Contact your workspace admin to help you install the connector you have found if you do not have permissions to do so.

Authenticating your Guru account:

  1. Click App Connections

  2. Search for "Guru" App that you installed via the Community page

  3. Title your connection

  4. Sign into Guru by entering your Guru username and the associated User API Token

  5. Once successfully signed into Guru, you can start building away

Workato set up
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