How to embed an RSS feed in a Guru Card
Learn how to embed a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed in a Guru Card
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To embed an RSS feed on a Guru Card, you'll first need to capture an iframe embed code to insert into the Guru Card. Pasting an .XML URL into an Iframe block will not generate a preview of the RSS feed.

Embed an RSS feed

1. Navigate to Guru and, as a Collection Owner or Author, create a Card or edit an existing Card.

2. Click in the body of the Card where you would like the embedded RSS feed to appear. Paste the embed code obtained or insert an Iframe block using either of these methods:

  • Click the Iframe block icon located in the Card editor toolbar.

  • Type the slash ("/") command and type or scroll to select Iframe.

3. Paste the copied embed code or embed link in the Iframe URL text box and click Save. Use the slider at the bottom of the block to resize its height.

Manage an embedded RSS feed

Within the Card editor, hover over the embed to view the Iframe settings at the top right corner of the block.


Click the Edit pencil icon to edit the Iframe URL.


Click the Toggle full width / Toggle content width arrow icon to expand or contract the width of the frame.


Click the Delete trash can icon to delete the Iframe block from the Card.

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