Campaigns contain all configuration related to an automatic followup sequence. To start, you can click on the Campaigns tab in the top header to list all of your campaigns:

From this screen you can click on Add new to create a new campaign. In the form you will have the option to Start from scratch, Choose a template or Copy followups from a different campaign. 

You would use this last option if you're creating a new campaign but you already have an existing campaign you'd like to copy messages from.

Type a name for your campaign, select a timezone, turn on Forced Call & Record Calls if needed and click "Create". You will find a list of campaigns to select from if you're copying the follow ups.

Once you create your first campaign you will be taken to the campaign dashboard page. This report will give you insights on how well your campaign setup is performing as well as your overall funnel.

Because we just created this campaign there's not much useful information, so let's go ahead and check the preferences for advanced customization:

You probably don't want to send automated messages at 3 in the morning, so here's where you can edit options like that. In the preferences tab, you can control when messages are sent and when messages are not to be sent to your prospects as well as other settings. Here you can also edit your appointment settings like the duration of the appointment, booking windows & padding.

For the most important part of setting up a campaign, let's head over to this article to learn about  setting up automated messages

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