Once you login, make sure you click on the Campaigns Tab located at the upper left hand corner of the screen.

When the campaigns are visible, select the campaign where you wish to add the outgoing Text Message.

If there are no campaigns here, make sure to create a New Campaign in order to proceed.

Once inside the campaign, click on either the Automate Follow up, Appointment Reminders or Reschedule Follow Up Tab.

Click on the Add New Tab, that can be found in the upper right hand corner.

Select Text Message from the 3 options available.

Now you get to choose when the Text will go out. If the Text is going out the same day the lead is added to the campaign, then you can decide how long to delay the Text before it actually sends.

If you decide to send out the Text 1 or more days after the lead is added to the campaign then you have the option to decide the exact time in the day it actually goes out. 

Making the correct choice here completely depends on the needs of your campaign.

Below you can see the input field for the Text Message and some merge tags you can insert as well.

EX: Add the Lead's First Name tag at the beginning and Your First Name tag at the end of the text.

As always we hope this article has helped and have a fantastic day!

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