The lead round robin functionality distributes leads across your teammates, allowing you to generate leads, bring them into the system, and assign the leads evenly among the team.

First, add user to your team member (how to add users), every user need to have at least a campaign where leads are going to be assigned.

After that is done, click on the lead round robin tab, then click on add new. From there you'll be able to edit round robin name and select campaigns from your user where leads are going to be assigned.

To get leads into the round robin campaign you need to setup a zap, follow the steps from this article to bring leads to your campaign. Or you can simply get them directly from the ContactSmarter funnel and add a campaign destination, pointing to the round robin campaign.

If you can't see the 'Round Robin' tab in your account, this means you have a view only account. Only paying accounts can use Round Robin (this means that whoever the team lead is needs to have a paid account).

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