What is a Maptable?

  • Each Space is a unique Map & Database. Pins, Tags and Added properties are all unique for each Space.

How do I add a Maptable?

Why would I need multiple Maptables?

The ability to add Maptable in seconds is very powerful. This enables you to seamlessly scale your Team from a single seat to thousands. You can build your platform to best suit the needs of your team or organization. Here are some ideas:

  1. Sub teams within your organization

  2. Each client

  3. Property Types: office, retail, industrial, land, multifamily, residential, etc.

  4. Property Status: under construction, vacant, dilapidated, new construction etc.

  5. Geography: State, City, Region, Opportunity Zone etc.

  6. Deal Status: under contract, due diligence, closed, archived, active listing etc

  7. Research Categories: Watching, considering, in default etc

Who has access to Maptables?

Each Admin and Member has access to all Maptables within your Team.

Can I make a Maptable private?

Currently, no. However, private Maptables are on our roadmap and will be included in one of our premium plans that we'll launch later this year.

How do I edit my Maptable's name, color or shape?

  1. Navigate the your list of Maptables by clicking on your active Maptable or the icon in the top left (below the Infill logo).

  2. Hover your cursor over a Maptable name

  3. Click the 3 dots (...)

  4. Make your changes and then click [Done] when all changes are complete.

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