Where does Infill's Foundation Data come from?

Infill leverage's Cherre's award winning AI Knowledge Graph to supply our Foundation Data. The Foundation Data layer is built using federal, state, and local county and municipality information. Among other sources, it includes data collected from local county Tax Assessor, Recorder, Department of Education, Census, Local Law Enforcement, and BLS data. When needed, we integrate other 3rd-party data sources to ensure the most accurate and complete coverage. The Knowledge Graph resolves ownership entities, and properties.

How often is the data updated?

Foundation Data updates are closely aligned with the timing of source updates. Counties and municipalities update data at various intervals, and we update shortly thereafter.

What does Infill's Foundation Data include?

Our Foundation Data layer includes Cherre's proprietary data model and all of the data required for almost any real estate use case, including:

  • Ownership - recorded owner from the county, and Cherreā€™s proprietary unmasked owner that uncovers individuals or companies with potential ownership of a given property.

  • Property Characteristics - Parcel (Lot) characteristics and boundaries, owners and related entities, Lot Size (AC & SF), zoning, property type, FIPS Codes, MSA and more.

  • Tax and Assessment - 10+ years of detailed assessed and final property values and taxes.

  • Debt Data - Mortgage details including Lender, Borrower, Amount, Term, Origination, and Maturity Date

What if I don't see a data field I am looking for?

Infill has access to thousands data fields, however, we have chosen to display only the most commonly requested ones. That said, we are working on a premium plan that will give customers access to all of these fields.

Please contact us via the in-app chat with any requests!

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