As a former CRE broker & developer, I tracked every property in a high growth area of my hometown. But, I am a visual person who can't stand repetitive data entry so manually updating my spreadsheet and hyperlinking to Google Maps was miserable.

So we made it SUPER EASY to build property databases in a familiar map-based "spreadsheet" interface.

We are a startup so our product will be improving rapidly and your feedback will actually be heard.

Let's build the future together.

Willz Tolbert, Founder/CEO

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Section 1: Add a Maptable™

  1. Click "Personal"

2. Click "Add Maptable"

3. Click this text field.

4. Type "Target Properties" or whatever you want

5. Select a shape

6. Select a Color.

7. Click "Done"

8. Click "Target Properties" or whatever you named the Maptable you just created.

Boom! You just created an entirely new MAP + DATABASE aka a Maptable.

Section 2: Enable Location Services

  1. Click here to Zoom to your Current Location

Heads Up! You will need to enable Location Services on your browser.

Section 3: Pinpoint Properties with Filters

  1. Click "Filters"​

2. Click "Asset Type"

3. Click the "Vacant Land" field or whatever field you want.

Boom! You're dialing in your search.

Section 4: Add a Property to your Maptable

  1. Click on a property

2. Click this icon to add to "Properties"

3. Click "Properties" to see your database in List View

Boom! You just added a property to your Maptable.

Section 5: Add an Owner Portfolio to your Maptable

  1. Click on the Owner (select an Unmasked Owner, if available).​

2. Click here to pin their entire portfolio.

3. Click "My Pins"

Heads Up! Pinning properties does NOT add them to your Table. Pins are meant to be temporary markers and are only visible to you, not the rest of your team.

4. Click "Add"

5. Click "Properties" to view your newly added properties in List View

Boom! You just added a portfolio to your Maptable.

Section 6: Explore the Table

  1. Click here to view in a Split Table.

2. Click here to add a Custom Field.

3. Click here.

4. Click "Status"

5. Click this text field.

6. Type "Status" or whatever you want.

7. Click "Add Column"

8. Click "Status" and drag to the left.

9. Click here.

10. Click "New Status"

11. Type "Offer Sent" or whatever you want.

12. Select a Color.

13. Click "Add"

14. Click here.

15. Click "Offer Sent"

16. Click here to expand to Full Table.

17. Start exploring the tabs!

Congrats! Now you know the basics of building a Maptable.

Want to delete all of the properties you just added? No problem.

Section 7: Bulk Delete Properties

  1. Click this button to Select All properties.

2. Click here.

3. Click "Delete"

Boom! You're a pro.

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