How do I charge my Lief?

Charging your Lief device

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Lief uses inductive charging, meaning you lay your device on the provided charging pad, and it will begin charging. Center your Lief device on top of the charging pad, which needs to be connected to a USB port. Both the device and charging pad’s LEDs will light up blue to indicate proper placement.

Instructions for charging your Lief:

(1) Firmly push the USB micro into the charger to get it all the way into the charging pad. Plug the USB cable for your Lief charger into a compatible USB hub or wall adapter. It should be able to provide 5V and at least 1.5A power.

(2) Place the Lief device (ribbed side up) on the center of the charging pad. When correctly placed, the LED light on both the charging pad and the device will light up blue.

(3) When the Lief is fully charged (approximately 2 hours) and is no longer receiving energy from the charger (or if it was fully charged to begin with), the Lief's LEDs will turn off.

Please note that on some models of the charging pad, the Blue LED will remain illuminated until unplugged from the power source. Other models of the charging pad will not light up unless there is a device place on top. Instead, when you plug the micro-USB cord into the charging pad with a firm push to snap it in, it will light up green, then blue, then green again, then turn off until a Lief is placed on top.

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