Lief uses inductive charging, meaning you lay your device on the provided charging pad, and it will begin charging. Center your Lief device on top of the charging pad, which needs to be connected to a USB port. Both the device and charging pad’s LEDs light up blue to indicate proper placement. When the Lief is fully charged, the LED on the Lief device will turn off. Please note that the light on the charging pad will remain on as long as it's plugged into a power source.

Here are visual instructions for charging your Lief:

(1) Plug the USB cable for your Lief charger to a compatible USB hub or wall adapter. It should be able to provide 5V and at least 1.5A power.

Light initially lights up green but will then turns off. Once lief is placed on it, it will be solid blue.

(2) Place the Lief's outside face down onto the charger and align the center of Lief with the center of the charger. The Lief's outer, smooth side should make contact with the charger surface, and the ribbed side should face upwards. The LED on the charger will change from Green to Blue when the Lief is placed correctly and the Blue LED on the Lief will illuminate if it is actively charging.

(3) When the Lief is fully charged (approximately 2 hours) and is no longer receiving energy from the charger (or if it was fully charged to begin with), the Lief's LEDs will turn off, but the Blue LED on the charger will remain illuminated until unplugged from the power source.

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