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With Apollo, you can build good lead lists cheaply and quickly using many advanced filters. In this article we explain step by step how you can build your first list.

To get started, follow these step-by-step instructions to set up a search and export contacts from Apollo to a CSV file. After exporting the file, it's ready to be uploaded into Luna.


Bonus: Upload a list of domains and find the right contacts for those domains

If you don't already have an Apollo account, sign up by clicking on the button below. Onboarding is quick and easy.

1. Setting up filters

When you login to your account, click on 'Search' and then on 'People', you can get there by clicking on the button below:

Apollo search people

The left-side panel features a list of helpful filters that can assist you in targeting your ideal customer profile (ICP) by adjusting certain values. We will discuss each filter in detail in this article.

The most frequently used filters are: Job Titles, Location, Number of Employees, Industry, Keywords, Technologies, and Revenue.

To begin, enter the job titles you wish to research, but ensure that your ICP is identified beforehand.

The basic use of the job titles filter looks as follows:

To conduct an advanced search, combine job titles and management levels by typing the job titles first and then selecting the desired levels:

Exclude the specific titles by clicking on 'Advanced Search', and by switching on the 'Is not any of' button. Type in the title(s) that you'd like to exclude and hit 'Enter'.

Afterward, set the location for your contacts by keeping in mind that there are separate location filters for both contacts and companies. You have the option to use one or the other, or both.

The location can be specified as broadly as a continent or region, or as precisely as a city. Use the 'Exclude locations' feature to specify the countries that you want to exclude from the results.

The 'Employees' filter allows you to select the size of the companies to be included in the results.

'Industry' filter allows you to select specific industries to display in your results. These industries are similar to LinkedIn but have fewer options on Apollo. If you need more specific results, use the industry filter along with relevant keywords in your search.

Other filters

The 'Technologies Filter' encompasses all tech utilized by the company online, such as e-commerce, CRM, HR tech, etc. For e-commerce businesses, type in "e-commerce" to select the relevant tech. If you target for example only Shopify stores, simply type "Shopify" and select it from the drop-down list. Please note that only the most popular tech is listed here.

The 'Revenue Filter' enables you to narrow down your results to companies with a specified revenue. However, revenue data is not available for all companies, so using this filter may reduce the number of results. Alternatively, the 'Employee Filter' may be a better option, as it is more accurate and available for a larger number of accounts on Apollo.

2. Saving results to a list

After you've applied all the filters, you want to save the contacts to a list that you will later export.

My plan allows me to select 25 contacts per page, so I will have to go one page at a time until I save enough of contacts.

Click on the checkbox above the Name column and choose Max people per company 1, apply selection, so you will be downloading only one contact per given company.

Then, click on Lists and Add to Lists.

After you created your list and added the first leads to it, you need to reload the page for changes to take effect. You can continue adding the leads by moving to the next page, and by selecting the newly created list.

3. Export lead list

Export all the saved contacts from a Search at once. To do so, launch Apollo and click Search.


Apply filters to your search or load a saved search to narrow down the list of contacts that you'd like to export.

Filters or Saved Search

Click the Saved tab and then click the Export All icon.

Export All Icon

Click Export All Records in the Export All modal that Apollo displays.

Export All Records

You have now exported all saved contacts from Apollo to a CSV. When the export is complete, Apollo notifies you via email.

Bonus: Upload a list of domains and find the right contacts for those domains

One of Apollo's great features is enriching the company domains and finding the contacts for those domains. Click on the button below to read more about this functionality.

Next up: Upload your lead list into Luna

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