Apollo: Upload a list of domains and find the right contacts for those domains
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One of Apollo's great features is enriching the company domains and finding the contacts for those domains.

There are a few columns that are required:

  • Account Name

  • Account Website (Domain)

With these columns, Apollo can enrich the rest of the information about the lead and their account.

If you don't already have an Apollo account, sign up by clicking on the button below. Onboarding is quick and easy.

1. Upload a CSV of Accounts

Launch Apollo and click Search.


Click Companies.


Click the Import drop-down.


From the drop-down, click Bulk Import from CSV.

Bulk Import

Click Select CSV File.

Select CSV File

Select your CSV file from your computer and then click Open to upload it.

Select CSV File

Use the drop-down menus for each of the fields to map your CSV column headers to the corresponding Apollo fields.


There are some more advanced settings that deal with how you want the leads to be stored in Apollo. Basically, you don't have to do anything with these.

2. Search For Imported accounts

Launch Apollo and click Search.


Click Companies.


Click Show More Filters.

Show More Filters

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Account CSV Import.

Account CSV Import

Click the checkbox next to the CSV files that you want to include.

CSV Files

Click Apply Filters to display the account included in the selected CSV files.

Apply Filters

The profiles of individuals associated with the chosen companies will be loaded and you can then apply filters and add the leads to the list as you would with a regular search. Read more about the filters in Apollo by clicking on the button below:

3. Export all saved contacts from Apollo to a CSV

Export all the saved contacts from a Search at once. To do so, launch Apollo and click Search.


Apply filters to your search or load a saved search to narrow down the list of contacts that you'd like to export.

Filters or Saved Search

Click the Saved tab and then click the Export All icon.

Export All Icon

Click Export All Records in the Export All modal that Apollo displays.

Export All Records

You have now exported all saved contacts from Apollo to a CSV. When the export is complete, Apollo notifies you via email.

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