If you have the BUSINESS or PREMIUM Subscription of meez, you can manage multiple locations and multiple concepts.

A concept can be your restaurant, food business, or just a project you're working on. If you have different stand alone restaurants, businesses, or projects, you would create new concepts for each one.

You can also create multiple locations within a single concept.

Concepts and locations allow you to:

  • Manage access to recipe content with your team

  • Track recipe and ingredient costs per location

  • Organize projects from multiple clients (if you are doing any culinary consulting)

  • Organizing your recipes by different concepts, projects, and personal recipes

To create a concept or location, check out the video below:

R&D Concept

Premium meez users can create an R&D Concept as a space to develop your recipes. Feel free to download the image below and add it as the cover image to your concept!

NOTE: Adding additional concepts and locations may result in an increase in your subscription fee. Please visit our pricing page or email sales@getmeez.com for more information.

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