Add-Ons for your meez subscription

If you have a Business or Premium subscription, you can customize your account by choosing from the following list of add-ons. The cost shown is per month.

You can add Team Members, Concepts, and additional locations automatically from the app. Your account will be billed on a pro-rated basis for any additions you make to your account during the month.

If you'd like to purchase any of the other add-ons, you can email us and our team will help get you setup.

Recipe Upload Service

Let our team of culinary experts help you get your recipes into meez quickly and securely. Meez offers three different levels of service for uploading your recipes based on the scope of work, content. Click here to learn more.

Add Team Members

Add View-Only Members: $3 per viewer

Add Editors: $10 per editor

Add Managers: $25 per manager

Add Concepts & Locations ($35/month each)

Organize and control access to your content by adding more concepts or locations.

Note: Both Business and Premium Plans come with 1 Brand Concept with it's corresponding Location, plus 1 R&D Concept

Learn more here

Integrate with Inventory Systems ($35 per location, per month)

  • A daily feed of inventory or vendor purchase costs will keep your recipes costs updated with every price change.

Invoice Processing

meez offers three levels of invoice processing:

  • COGS invoice scans & purchase reporting: $99 per location, per month

  • AP Automation: from $149 per location, per month

    • This option comes with COGS Invoice Scanning and Purchase Reporting.

Contact Sales for more information

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