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The meez refer-a-friend program
The meez refer-a-friend program
Written by Liz Van Hoose
Updated over a week ago
Introducing the referral program: Grow the meez community and get paid!

As you know, meez is built for chefs by chefs β€” and gets better every day because of culinary pros like you recommending us.

That's why we made it super easy for you to refer friends and get paid when they become paying customers*.

Step 1: Create a meez account (if you haven't already)

Step 2: Click the "Refer-a-friend" link in the home page of the app

Step 3: Copy your personal link

Step 4: You'll get an email once you have rewards that are ready to be claimed!

Thanks for your continued support!
- The meez Team

*Referred user must purchase an annual plan or pay for three months with a monthly plan. Full program terms here.

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