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Importing menus or menu sale data
Importing menus or menu sale data

Guide to import your sales data to your meez menu!

Updated over a week ago

Importing menu sales data is available to:

  • Plans: Premium Plus

  • Team Members: Account Owner and Managers

How do I Import My Sales Data? What Kind of Information do I need?

  • Import a spreadsheet (CSV or Excel file) from you computer containing sales data.

  • You can import sales data from any point-of-sales (POS) system, provided it includes these Columns.

    • Menu Item Name

    • Quantity Sold: If blank meez will assume a quantity of 1

    • Total Sales: Total net sales for the Menu Item sold

    • Date(optional): Date the transactions happened.

    • Menu Item ID#(optional)

  • Menu Item Name and Menu Item ID will be used to determine which menu item to update. If no match was found on either of these two fields, a new menu item will be created and added to your menu.

Uploading Sales Data

  • To upload your sales data make sure you are on the Menu page that you wish to upload the data to!

  • Second, click on the three dots at the top center of the screen.

  • Click on Import Sales Data

Finally Click the Next button and you will be guided through our import process.

*Please be aware that sales data imported will override existing sales quantities for any menu items with a matching menu item name or menu item ID# from the import. Currently, the sales import data will apply to all locations set for this menu.

Want to see the whole Import Sales process in action? Follow along with our Walkthrough!

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