Outlaw lets you link Overview sections together with the sections they relate to in the full contract.  This lets both senders and recipients of the agreement easily refer back to the contract full-text while looking at the Overview.  

Once sections have been linked, clicking on an Overview section reveals the corresponding full-text sections underneath for instant reference:

First, select (click on) the Overview section you want to set up links for.  Then click the "link" icon above the section to enable linking.

A link icon will appear next to each contract section on the the full-text side of the editor (left-hand side). Find the full-text section you wish to link to, and click the link icon. When the link icon is clicked, the section will become highlighted in blue, indicating that it is now "linked" to the Overview section.

Manage Linked Sections

To manage (review or adjust) linked sections, select an Overview section.  If that section is linked to one or more full-contract sections, a number appears next to the link icon above the section indicating how many sections are currently linked:

You can easily locate these sections in the full-text side of the editor because they will be highlighted in blue, and other full-text sections that are not linked to this Overview section appear dimmed out:

To undo a link, tap the link icon next to the full-text section highlighted in blue.

To stop managing linking, click the link icon above the overview section.

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