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The Level: Reliability & Variation
The Level: Reliability & Variation
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The Level: Reliability & Variation

Your Level only changes after playing competitive matches.

Once a match result is uploaded in the app, the algorithm will calculate whether your Level goes up or down.

The algorithm will take into account three factors to calculate the Variation:

The match result

The average Level per team

Players reliability

The match result

Whether you lose, win or draw, the result will count toward the Level Variation.

In the event of a tie, the team with the higher average Level will have its Level lowered, while the other team will have it raised.

Results that do not comply with the scoring rules will be considered invalid and will not count towards the Level.

The average level per team

Another important factor is the average Level of each team, which is calculated as the average of the Levels of the members of each pair.

If one of the players in the pair does not have a Level, only the other player's Level will be taken into account.

On the other hand, if neither of the pair has a Level, that match will not compute.

Players reliability

Reliability is an essential factor in understanding Level Variation, which represents how accurate the Level is. 
Your Reliability will increase as you add results from competitive matches.

Lower reliability = more level variation.

Higher reliability = less level variation.

There are 3 Reliability ranks: low, medium, and high. 
You will progress up the ranks as the number of matches played increases, making it faster when playing against players with high Reliability.

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