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The Client Portal is a tool that makes the fact find process as simple as possible for both you and your clients. Here's an overview of what your client can access from the client portal.

First Time Clients

When a client receives an email to create their account, or signs up directly through your custom link, they will be taken to the beginning of their first application. Depending on the services you offer, they will be able to select to apply for a specific product. The Client Portal is set up with your company branding which can be changed at any time.

Client Dashboard

When clients log in, they will be taken to their Dashboard. From the Dashboard, clients are able to continue, review and begin applications.

Uploading Documents

When a client completes a fact find, based on their situation they will immediately be given a list of documents that will be required by the banks so client will know exactly what they need to upload. A client will be able to log in at any time and send you documents to review from the documents tab. At any time, you can request more documents, or delete requested documents if they aren't necessary in that situation.

From the documents tab, clients will also be able to see if the documents are:

  • Required: These still need to be uploaded

  • Pending: These are waiting for a review from the adviser

  • Complete: The adviser has checked these and believes they are sufficient

  • Incomplete: These are unacceptable and need to be resubmitted. The adviser can also inform the client why the document is insufficient - for example, an unsigned declaration


Clients have access to a number of Calculators that they can use to check their financial position and help decide their goals.

Viewing Interest Rates

From the Client Portal, the client is able to view current market interest rates at any time. These are updated daily so you can be sure your clients are viewing the correct rates.

Changing Client Details

A client is able to change their personal details from their client portal. To do this, they click their email in the top right corner and select Profile. From here, they can edit their name and contact details, as well as change their password.

Accessing a Recommendation

A client will only be able to access their Recommendations Page if you have set the page to Active in the settings and they have been given the link by you, so you can make sure the recommendation is perfect before letting the client see it. Learn more about the mortgage review page here.

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