Sending an Insurance 'Fact Find'

The ways you and your client can fill out an insurance fact find

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to send the fact find link to your client

  • How to enter your clients fact find information manually

How to send the fact find link to your client:

Once you have created an Opportunity, you will get the option to send your client an invitation link to complete the fact find online.

Clicking this box will allow you to send an email to the client with the link for them to enter the Client Portal so they can complete the Fact Find, if you've set up your default email templates in your settings they will pull through to this email.

How to enter the clients Fact Find information manually:

Once the Opportunity has been created, you will be given the opportunity to enter the application where you can start editing the details.

Clicking on each section of the fact find will allow you to enter in the client's details manually. This feature has been designed to give you ultimate flexibility when entering a client's application, depending on your workflow.

After you have done this, the client can still access the application from the Client Portal, so they can view the information you have entered on their behalf, and make any necessary updates or changes.

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