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Gathering Information About your Clients' Situation
Gathering Information About your Clients' Situation

Accessing your clients' fact find and needs analysis details

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Once your client has completed their insurance fact find, you'll need to check to make sure the information they have entered is correct. After accessing the application editor for the application, you'll be taken to the Opportunity's Overview page.

The Overview shows a summary of the client's application. Information in this section will only ever be seen by you and your team - it will not be included in an application, or be visible to the client. From here, you can see the progression of the Opportunity, an overview of the client's Scope of Service, and a summary of the Opportunity details and GPCT notes. 

Checking the fact find & needs analysis

Trail created the software to make it easy for advisers to get their clients' information online, without having to constantly meet in person. For this reason, we recommend sending out the client fact find online, so by the time you have your first meeting with your client, you already have a basic understanding of who they are, and what their situation is. However, if for any reason, you would like to go through the process with the client in person, it is easy to do this also.

The Gather Information section of the application editor allows you to access the different sections of the fact find and needs analysis information that your client gets asked to fill out. You'll be able to see an overview of which sections have been completed and which have not. Clicking on a section will allow you to enter that part of the fact find, so you can check or edit your clients' information. 

Entering the fact find from the adviser side of Trail is nearly identical to the fact find in the Client Portal, to make the fact find user-friendly for clients, no matter if they are completing it alone, or with their adviser. To learn more about how a client completes the insurance fact find, read this article.

Gather information settings

Before completing the gather information process, you'll need to update your settings.

What next?

Once your clients' fact find information has been entered, checked and edited, you'll be able to continue to the next section of the insurance application process - the Cover Level Portal

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