Creating an Insurance Statement of Advice

Recommending insurance cover to your clients

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Once you have gathered necessary information about your clients, and you have worked together to get to the most suitable level of cover, you will need to write them a Statement of Advice for the insurance you are recommending. This is completed in the 'Statement of Advice' section of the application editor. 

Once you have set up your standard Statement of Advice settings, it's easy to make small modifications in this for a particular client. To create your client's Statement of Advice, follow the below steps:

1. Select 'View SOA' to generate the Statement of Advice

2. Edit sections of the Statement of Advice if necessary

Most of what appears in the Statement of Advice is customised through your settings, which means there won't be a lot of information to edit here. However, with the Trail Statement of Advice Editor, you're free to look through the entire document and edit sections as you see fit. Click here to see just how easy it is to use the editor.

3. Download or Email the SOA PDF

From here, your SOA is ready for your client! To download it you just have to click 'Export SOA Document' at the bottom left. You can either download this and print it while you're with your client to get it signed right away or if need be you can send it to your clients in an email later so they can read and sign it in their own time.

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