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Change your Company's Branding

Keeping your logos and branding colours updated in Trail is important for your brand. This guide will help you achieve this.

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In this article you’ll learn:

  • How to change your company's branding colours

  • How to change your branding logos

In order to edit company branding, you must be a Business admin. If you aren’t and believe you should be, you can always check with your company director about this and email us at

1. Go to your Settings - General - and the Branding tab:

2. Change your branding colours and logos here:

Branding Colours

  • Your main branding colours can be changed by clicking on these colour bars and either:
    1.) Tweak these from a colour selection
    2.) OR by pasting in a colour 'HEX' code e.g. (041A54) of the exact colours of your brand. Your graphic designer would be able to provide these codes.

  • Here you have three options: Primary, Secondary, and Highlights.
    Your Primary Colour is used as the background to your Landing Page and the main colour that your client will see when they login to Trail.
    Your Secondary and Highlight colours will be used to accompany your main colour as seen in the example screenshot of the Client Portal:

Website Logos

  • Your website logos can be changed in the area below the branding colours -
    There are 4 to upload:

  1. Main Logo

  2. Navbar Logo

  3. Landing Page Logo

  4. Icon Logo

There’s a description below each area to tell you where the logo will appear to help you choose the best logo variation/ colour to upload:

To upload a new logo, you can press the blue circle with an arrow inside of it.

Once clicked, you can choose the logo from your computer's file explorer.
Please take note of the recommended size as it will mean a better fit on the page!

NOTE: Branding can be complicated. We’re more than happy to do this on your behalf. If you’d like us to, email us at with the relevant logos.

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