In this article, you’ll learn how to delete a profile.

NOTE: Deleting a profile will remove all information associated with it. This includes opportunities, notes, and documents. Trail is unable to recover any lost information.

Please refer to your regulatory obligations before deleting any data. It is unlikely you should be deleting legitimate profiles that are less than 7 years old. This process should only be used if you have either created a profile mistakenly or are deleting a test profile you made.

Firstly, navigate to the profile you wish to delete.

To delete a profile, all contacts must either be removed or deleted.

Step 1) To do this, under each contact, there is an ‘Edit Details’ button. Select this and click on the trash can in the bottom left.

Step 2) You’ll be asked if you want to delete this contact. There are two options here;

DELETE: This will completely remove the contact and all information.

REMOVE FROM PROFILE: This will retain the contact and its information but remove it from this particular profile.

Both options will achieve the end result of deleting the profile.

Step 3) Perform Step 2 with any remaining contacts in the profile.

Step 4) Once all contacts are removed, refresh the page. You will now be notified that there are no contacts in the profile. Select ‘Delete Profile’.

You'll be asked to confirm, and then you are complete.

As always when deleting things, please be wary as Trail is unable to recover any lost information.

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