Trail is designed to be intuitive and easy for you to use. That being said, it will also be the key software program in your business. That’s why we have developed a structured training plan to get you up to speed quickly. This article outlines how your Trail training will run.

Trail’s training program for new users is split into three modules, which you will receive via email. Each module consists of multiple videos.

  • Module 1 covers how to set up Trail and an overview of the system.

  • Module 2 covers providing advice. If you do mortgages, you’ll learn how to send fact finds to clients and create lending applications. If you do insurance, you’ll learn how to complete a fact find and create a statement of advice.

  • Module 3 covers servicing. You’ll learn how to make managing fixed rate reviews and policy anniversaries a breeze. It also covers advanced topics such as providing a mortgage recommendation and customising your insurance settings.

Don’t worry if you are unsure about any of the content! At the end of each module, you’ll complete a survey which asks you to highlight any concepts you aren’t yet comfortable with. When this happens, your Onboarding Manager will provide you with helpful articles or cover it with you live in one of our office hours sessions.

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