As of March 15th, Trail will be updated to help our advisers provide compliant advice quickly and easily under the new regulations.

This guide outlines what has changed and how to set you and your business up to continue delivering great advice.

Mortgage & Insurance Advisers:

Disclosure Settings:

Your disclosure statements need to be edited and hopefully, you've started the process of getting these checked off by your FAP's compliance officer.

Click here for the guide on Disclosure Settings:

Organisation General Settings & PDF Styles:

Your Organisation's 'General' settings have additional fields for your identifying information. This will appear on the cover pages where disclosure is given.

This page is only accessible if you have Admin privileges. If you're unsure, feel free to get in touch with the support team. You can access these settings by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left of the software:

Then selecting your 'General' tab under Organisation Settings

General Settings:

Company Name: Your company name | FSP Number: The company's FSP #

Does [Company Name] Hold a FAP Licence:

Yes - Your company is a licenced FAP

No - You are an Authorised Body under another FAP's licence

If you select No - you will have to enter your licensee's details

Trading Name: Your company's legal trading name

Insurance Aggregator: Your Insurance aggregator

Mortgage Aggregator: Your Mortgage aggregator

Email: A general email for your business

Address: The physical address of your business

PDF Styles:

With our visual updates to how our PDFs are generated, we have also updated how PDF styling is handled. We have limited some of the options with how you can customise your PDF's to make the designs more clear and consistent. You can find the options within your Organisation Settings.

You can change any of the settings on this page without affecting your current styling. Once you have settled on the final PDF design you want to produce, clicking 'Save Styles' will apply this to all newly produced documents (previously generated Statements of Advice will need to be reset).

Mortgage Advisers:

There is a dedicated guide on the changes made to the Mortgage process based on today's updates. Click here to read about the Mortgage Disclosure Process.

Insurance Advisers

Like for Mortgage Advice, there is already a dedicated guide on how to manage your Insurance process with the new disclosures. Click here to read about the Insurance Disclosure Process.

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