PDF Project Release 17/06/2021

PDF improvement updates for Trail - including Opportunity Adviser added, new email templates and product summary improvement

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We have launched the PDF Improvement project last night! This project covers some quality of life improvements relating to the PDFs you can download from Trail.

Major Areas Updated

  1. Opportunities

  2. New Email Templates

  3. Product Summaries & other PDF Downloads


1.) Submitting Adviser & opportunity owner

When creating an opportunity as an Assistant, you can now specify who is the 'Submitting Adviser'.

You can view and edit this within the application by going into the 'Opportunity Summary' section:

The 'Submitting Adviser' will be whose details & disclosure information populates any documents you download or email out from the opportunity:

This is so that assistants can be opportunity owners as they help with managing certain opportunities, but it will always be the adviser's name on the documents.

2.) Creating opportunities for colleagues

Moving forward, when you create a new opportunity for another adviser, the type of opportunity will be based on their specific area of advice.

E.g. If you create an opportunity for an insurance-only adviser, then the only types of opportunities suggested will be for the insurance pipeline options:

3.) Download & Email out sections of an application

Now you can download each section of an application - for Mortgage and Insurance - and also email these out to your clients for confirmation. The buttons for these look as per below:

We have made these options available so that at each section of an application you are able to check-in with your client and make sure all information is correct before proceeding. This could be part of your process or not, but it is there as a tool for if/when you need it!

As there are new email buttons, there are also new email templates which is detailed in the section below!

New Email Templates

There are some new email templates, please do have a check of the wording of these and edit them as needed to suit your organisation & business.

You can find these and edit them in your Settings - Email Templates.

1.) New mortgage email templates:

  • Nature and Scope of Advice

  • Fact Find Confirmation

2.) New insurance email templates:

  • Nature and Scope of Advice

  • Fact Find Completed

  • Needs Analysis Confirmation

Product Summaries & other PDF Downloads

1.) Specifying Entities

You can now specify the entities you would like to view & download a product summary for.

There should be a small arrow beside the summary text which you can hover over to bring up the options you can select & de-select:

Only the SELECTED entities' products will show in the summaries, if they have products belonging to them.

2.) Updated to Quickform PDF & complaint document formatting

The formatting for quickform PDFs and complaint documents have been tidied to be consistent with other PDF formatting in Trail.

3.) Document Uploading

You can now upload password protected PDFs, however when you download them again, it will save as a separate file.

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