You may notice some of your documents are being downloaded separately in final applications. This is intended as a temporary fix to an issue some users are facing with certain PDFs.

The "problem" PDFs were causing either a blank screen to pop up or appearing scrambled when attempting to download. Now that they are downloaded separately, they will appear as normal.

We are currently working on a long term solution that we aim to publish next week.

Here are your options for dealing with Separated PDFs:

1. Merge the PDFs with a PDF Editor

The quickest option is to select all of your PDFs using a PDF Editor and merge them into the final application. You can do this with any PDF reader of your choice. We have found that many advisers use Adobe Acrobat, so here is a guide on how to merge PDFs using this application:

2. Create a New PDF containing all of the Separated PDFs

Using a PDF Editor like Adobe Acrobat, you can combine all of the separated PDFs into one large PDF. You can then save this and upload the large PDF to Trail. From here, attach the PDF to the application include this large document and it will appear as expected in the final application - note that the same documents you combined to make this PDF will still come through the download of the application.

3. Fix each PDF One by One

This solution may take some time, but it can be done with a free version of Adobe Acrobat or another PDF editor of your choice. The first step is to identify the "problem" documents which can be done by looking at the file names of all of the separated PDFs. Then, proceed with the steps below:

How to Fix the problem PDF, Step-By-Step:

  1. Download that specific PDF from Trail

  2. Opened the PDF in a PDF editor

  3. Save it as a new PDF with a different name
    (example: contract.pdf ---> new_contract.pdf)

  4. Re-upload this new PDF to Trail

  5. Remove the broken PDF from Trail once you confirm the new version is working as intended

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