Connect your best ads to Recart Custom Messenger Flows. With Messenger Ads, you can create personalized, 1-on-1 conversations at scale, grow your Messenger list, and send automated follow-ups based on customer actions to drive 5-12X ROAS.

To learn more about how Messenger Ads can deliver 5-12X ROAS for your Facebook ads, read on here.

The future of marketing is here: now you can turn your best Facebook Ads into Click-to-Messenger Ads and drive people to your Recart Custom Messenger Flows. Our high-converting flows will help you convert prospects into customers by offering discounts and sending automated reminders in case they don't purchase.

How to set up a Click to Messenger Ad:

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and create a campaign paying special attention to the mentioned below:

  1. While using the Guided ad creating process, choose Messages as your marketing objective

  • On the ad set level, please make sure to set the Destination to Messenger:

2. Set up your audience targeting, placements, budget and schedule in your Business Manager just like you do with your regular Facebook ads.

When setting up placements, pay attention to the best practices we listed below 👇
Feel free to use your audiences that you think will work well. Facebook will optimize ad delivery to maximize engagement or the number of purchases.

3. Once you're done with the ad creative setup, it's time to craft the welcome Messenger message.
This is going to be the first message your customers see after tapping on your ads. You create this message on the Ad level - Messenger setup:

Please note that Facebook changes the layout of the Ads Manager every once in a while. Depending on your version of the Ads Manager, your experience may slightly differ.

4. In the message editor, craft your welcome message. For example, if you promote a discount, you can say: "Hey there! Tap below to unlock your 15% discount:"
At Customer Actions use Buttons and the Send a postback option👇 Please make sure you always use Buttons for triggering Recart Flows. 

Using the Send a postback option allows you to connect your Facebook ad to the Custom Flow you created in Recart.

If you haven't created a Custom Flow in Recart yet, you can learn how to do so here!

5. In the Recart Conversation Flow Editor, click on the Copy bot payload button. This copies the bot payload to your clipboard.

7. Going back to your Ads Manager, paste the bot payload to the field below:

8. Use the Preview in Messenger button to test the flow. In case you can't trigger the Recart Flow, make sure it is Saved & Enabled.

9. Publish your ad, save your Conversation in Recart, and you're all done. 🎉 Now your Recart chatbot is connected to your Ad and your customers will receive your Recart messages by clicking on the buttons in your ads. 🚀 

Are you a bit undecided about what to promote with this?

Let us show you a few examples. Yes We Wive gives an exclusive offer for those who send a message to them via Messenger:

Ryderwear promotes 10% discount on Instagram:

Both use cases take customers to the Recart Messenger Flows, unlock discounts, and automate reminders for customers who haven't added items to cart.

Click-to-Messenger Ad best practices

Campaign level

  • Recommended objectives: Messages or Conversions
  • Messages objective will prioritize people who are most likely to connect with the brand on Messenger
  • Conversions objective will show ads towards people who are most likely to purchase.

Ad Set level

Best-performing Click-to-Messenger ad placements are: 

  • Facebook News Feed (no video or carousel; picture-only)
  • Facebook Stories (single picture/video only)
  • Instagram News Feed
  • Instagram Stories 
  • Messenger Stories 

Using videos or carousels for Facebook News Feed placements might decrease click-through rates as the creative isn't a click-through action. (Tapping a video will stop the video. Tapping a picture will take customers to Messenger.) 

Ad level

  • Use a single picture as an ad creative for Facebook News Feed
  • Use a single picture or video for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Stories
  • Use all types of creatives for Instagram News Feed


  • This ad format will only perform well if you provide an exciting offer for your audience. For instance, give away a 10-15% discount on their first purchase.
  • Make sure you offer value to customers so they are incentivized to engage with your flow (e.g.: get a discount, offer exclusive content)
  • Discounts, offers, flash sales, exclusive content, and quizzes work the best
  • Can run as prospecting and retargeting ad as well
  • Make sure that it's clear that a conversation will open in Messenger


  • Messenger replies: The number of messaging replies that people sent to your business from Facebook Messenger, attributed to your ads
  • New Messaging Conversations: The number of messaging conversations that began with people who had never sent a message to your business before, attributed to your ads
  • Link Clicks: The aggregate number of clicks your ad receives

Take a look at our YouTube channel where you can follow a step-by-step guide on how to build a Sponsored Message. 🚀

For more inspiration on what you can do with your Recart Conversation Flow Editor, check out our Template Library!

Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to assist. 😊 

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