Contact the sender first (the sender is the person or company who uses Giftbit to send gift card and prepaid card offers). The sender will confirm whether they sent you an offer yet.

If the sender states the offer was sent, but you have not received it, please check each of the following:

  1. Are you sure you provided the correct email address to the sender? If not, please contact the sender with the correct address.
  2. Are you checking the correct email account?
  3. Have you checked your spam or junk mail folder? If the message appears in your spam, please mark it as "not spam". 
  4. Have you created a contact for in your email account? This helps offer emails make it to your inbox without being confused for junk mail.
  5. Is your mailbox full? If so, please make room for more messages.
  6. Did you unsubscribe from email communication from the sender? If so, you'll need to resubscribe before the sender can contact you again.

If you have checked the list above and you still require assistance, please use the chat function in our help center to tell us about your situation.

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