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How to Claim your Consumer Gift Card
How to Claim your Consumer Gift Card

How to claim a consumer gift card and printing information

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If you require assistance with a Visa Incentive Card click here

Claiming your Giftbit reward is easy and only takes a few moments. Follow these steps to reveal your gift card!

You will have received one of two reward types:

Custom Selection

  1. Accessing Your Reward:

    1. Click "Claim" on the brand of your choice from the Giftbit reward email or gift link.

  2. Selecting Your Reward:

    1. Your reward selection, along with redemption instructions, will be displayed.

  3. Redeeming Your Gift Card:

    1. Click "Show my gift code" and follow the instructions on the next page to utilize your gift code. Congratulations! Your reward is now ready for spending.

💡Key things to remember about your gift card!

  • Rewards must be claimed prior to expiry listed on email

    • Claimed consumer gift cards do not expire

    • Visa cards are subject to an expiration date

  • If you lose your gift card, use the original email or link to access it again

Catalog Browser

  1. Accessing your Reward

    1. Click the "Choose a gift card” option to view all available gift options!

  2. Selecting your Reward

    1. Utilize the search bar, explore categories, or combine both to find your preferred brand.

    2. Click on your chosen brand to view its description and terms and conditions. When ready to claim, click "Confirm Card Selection" and follow the subsequent instructions.

  3. Ready to Go

    With your gift selected, you're all set to start spending and enjoying your reward!

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