Giftbit does not generate the gift code, card number, or PIN for your gift card or prepaid card. The details shown to you come from the retailer and they work just like a physical gift card for the same brand.

Under normal circumstances:

  • The balance of the gift card cannot be incorrect. 
  • The card information including the gift card number, PIN and other tracking information cannot be incorrect.
  • Acceptance of the gift card as a valid payment method is not optional, as outlined by the retailer in the instructions on the last step of the offer .

If you’re having difficulty redeeming your gift code, check to make sure you're using the card according to the merchant's terms and conditions. 

Make sure you are using the card in the correct region. Many gift cards are country specific and can only be used in the same region. 

Make sure the card hasn't been spent in full already. Most retailers offer a balance check function that you can use to look up your card balance.

If you attempt a purchase and the merchant declines your purchase attempt, please contact the merchant and find out the specific reason. ("It didn't work" isn't enough detail, so please try to learn exactly why the merchant didn't accept your gift card).

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