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How to Request an Invoice/Receipt
How to Request an Invoice/Receipt

Requesting an Invoice or receipt for funding from Giftbit

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Invoices for Wire/ACH Payments

If you require an invoice before funding your account, reach out to with the details below:

  • Company Billing Name*

  • Company address

  • Contact person name and email

  • Giftbit Account email the funding is to be applied to*

  • Email the invoice should be sent to*

  • Amount of the invoice *

  • PO (if applicable)

*Are mandatory fields. Having this information ready will speed up Giftbit's ability to get your invoice to you!

Funding Receipts


If a wire payment was associated with an invoice Giftbit sent out, a receipt will be sent out once the invoice is marked as paid.

If you sent a wire payment to Giftbit without an invoice associated and require a receipt, reach out to and we will send one to you.

Credit Card

When a Giftbit account is funded by credit card, the receipt is automatically sent to the email address associated with the account.

If you have lost a previous receipt, did not receive it or require receipts to go to a different email address, reach out to

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